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For Our Independence and Freedom!  Young Women Unite and Raise Our Voices Latin America and the Caribbean is the region with the greatest inequalities in terms of distribution of wealth. As young women, we represent the majority of the total population, but our gender condemns us to greater inequality. Our generation has progressed thanks to the struggles of other women that restored our dignity and our autonomy. Nevertheless, our generation faces a problem: globalization and advances in technology has not improved conditions for women. Day after day we fight to better our situation and exercise our rights. TODAY We continue fighting so that our families stop relegating us because we are women, or demanding us to do household chores or take on greater responsibility than our male relatives. We fight against assault, harassment and sex- trafficking in our communities, towns and cities; so that women who live on the border do not become victims of femicides; so that we do not become the victims of armed conflicts. We are mobilizing to access secular education, so that we cannot be expelled if we get pregnant. We fight for the right to choose and be respected for that; for the right to have a salary that is equal to our male co-workers. We fight for a work environment free of harassment. We fight for the possibility of having a job in which we are not treated as cheap labor just because we are young and female, like in the border’s factories .

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